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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a tool to enhance your leadership capacity and to facilitate a greater level of performance. Leading with greater impact and influence can be derived from work in emotional intelligence, from cultivating more resiliency in your work and your life, and from sharpening your interpersonal skills. Clients of executive coaching benefit from:

  • gaining insights to help them see themselves more clearly
  • seeing others from a different perspective
  • responding in new ways
  • leveraging their existing strengths
  • building more productive relationships, and
  • exploring and finding new ways of achieving their goals.  

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Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching can be helpful at any level of leadership (including high-potential and emerging leaders) desiring to build or further develop their capabilities around short-term or long-term goals. In a trusting and collaborative space, coaching can help a leader: 

  • become more self-reliant
  • gain more job and life satisfaction 
  • establish and take action towards achieving goals 
  • work more easily and productively with others, and 
  • take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments.  

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Team and Group Coaching

In team or group coaching, holding the space for team members or groups to be accountable for taking steps in achieving their goals and integrating their learning to their everyday work is key. The benefits of this type of coaching include:

  • the collective wisdom of the group, which often leads to more sustainable and innovative solutions
  • participants gain a common language, baselines, and insights
  • increased motivation for forward movement, and
  • personal and professional development in a safe, confidential environment.

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Team-Building Facilitation

Team-building activities are important investments leaders can make in their people. These activities can help build trust, enhance engagement, increase collaboration, and improve and encourage communication among the team members. Supporting teamwork and trust among the team so everyone can better understand one another's strengths, weaknesses, and interests helps the team work more efficiently together.


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Employee Selection

Choosing the best fit for an important organizational role is critical in today's competitive environment.  Employee selection services can assist employers in predicting job performance. Hiring managers receive feedback to determine: 

  • if the candidate's predicted behaviors and motivational drivers fit the culture of the organization
  • if they are likely to enjoy the job role, and 
  • if they possess the right behaviors needed for job success.  
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